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Want to be a SharePoint Expert?

With all the interest in SharePoint, it is no wonder that a lot of people who are into software development want to become a SharePoint expert. SharePoint is a Microsoft technology and is an integrated suite of server capabilities that helps in improving company effectiveness through facilitating information-sharing across boundaries. The future is bright for the SharePoint platform and an expert with it is someone who is knowledgeable about the technologies, layers and tiers that make for an effective development of SharePoint solutions.

For those interested, the platform is not just another layer in the stack or another tool in the toolbox. Being a SharePoint expert is about knowing what is available and how to make use of it. To become an expert, you need to have a good control on ASP.NET. Nevertheless, you should also understand that SharePoint is an application that has a lot to offer. You must become familiar with the capabilities and features of the SharePoint platform in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

As a SharePoint expert, you will be responsible for the following items:

1. Systems designs

2. Custom development

3. Gathering of requirements

4. System testing

5. Implementation of new apps to increase custom development

The core responsibilities also include program development, system analysis, system designs, project support and project management.

To become an expert, you need to have these skills and experience:

 1. Expert knowledge in .NET development with the use of Team Foundation Serve and Visual Studio that includes the MVC framework or Model-View Controller.

 2. Working knowledge of all the phases of systems development lifecycle. This includes development, requirements and testing.

 3. Expert knowledge of SQL and the capability to develop against the Microsoft SQL server database.

 4.  Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any related field

 5. Working knowledge of SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010 configuration, administration, solution development and web part.

The future certainly looks good for SharePoint experts. This is because all businesses regardless of the size could benefit from using this platform. SharePoint makes it easy to store company documents and organize websites. Moreover, it allows businesses to be categorized around how the business is logically structured. The use of SharePoint to handle and manage corporate documents is another solution to the traditional file sharing. The platform further makes it easy to find and manage corporate business data. Unlike a standard file sharing system, the SharePoint platform has the advantage of being able to look for document for keywords.

 Becoming an expert means investing in a lot of hard work. Moreover, you should also have the passion and dedication and the willingness to devote your personal time to learning the platform. There are also several training courses that could teach and train you all the things that you need to become SharePoint expert. These knowledge and skills should be put to use through hands-on activities.  Constant exposure of SharePoint Expert, you will soon get better. You will discover that as you go along, you will earn more certifications that will confirm your expertise in the platform.